Conversations with Type Luminaries

 Join us for a year-long conversation with some of Type’s most renowned luminaries.  Starting on Jan. 22, APTi is hosting 90-minute talks on the 4th Monday of each month from noon to 1:30 p.m. EST.

The 2018 schedule includes:

  • Jan. 22 - Linda Berens: Integration of Multiple Lenses
  • Feb. 26 - Hile Rutledge: How Can We Overcome Barriers to MBTI Methodology?
  • March 19 - Eve Delunas:  Trauma and Temperament
  • April 23 - Bob McAlpine: Applying the Functions in Daily Activities
  • May 21 - Rob Toomey:  Type and Innovation
  • June 18 - John Beebe:  Jungian Psychology and Type
  • July 23 - Sue Blair:  How Can We Make Type More Concrete and Real?
  • Aug. 20 - Dario Nardi: Neuroscience and Type
  • Sept. 17- Katherine Hirsh:  Type as a Gateway to Diversity Work
  • Oct. 22 - Mark Majors: Advanced Use of the Eight Process Scores
  • Nov. 19 - Jane Kise: Type, Technology and Stress
  • Dec. 17 - Susan Nash: Interaction Style and Strengths-Based Coaching

Pricing for members:  $250 for package of 12 or $25 per session. Click here to register.

Pricing for non-members after Dec. 15: $375 for package of 12 or $35 per session

Recording will be available to all who sign up:  In case you are not available at the broadcast of the webinar, you will receive a link to the recording.

*Dates may be subject to change.