It is with great difficulty, we are letting you know that APTi is in serious financial jeopardy.

For years, we have relied on the biennial conference to help sustain the organization through non-conference years. This was the case in 2015, where the Miami conference helped fund APTi through 2016. 

However, like many similar organizations, we are seeing both membership and conference participation decline steadily. And while we have tried to add more programs and certification programs to help generate revenue, our financials are not where they should be.

To add to the problem, many of this year's conference-goers have opted to stay in other, less expensive hotels or housing options in Salt Lake City and not in the conference hotel.  While we appreciate their frugality, it has caused a problem for APTi with the conference hotel. As part of the contractual arrangement, we have to "sell" a certain number of hotel rooms. If we do not meet the prescribed number, we owe the hotel the money they are losing.

At this moment, that means we would owe the Salt Lake City Downtown Marriott an additional $24,000. Of course, we are negotiating with them and trying to get them to offer us concessions. Caphill, our management company, has buying power as they represent more than 60 other groups and organizations and they are working hard to get this problem solved or, at least, lessened.

In the short term, I would ask if you are going to this year's conference and have made arrangements elsewhere, please consider staying at the Salt Lake City Marriott. We have asked them to extend the Early Bird discount until July 7. We know this is inconvenient, but it will help the organization. Just call 801-531-0800 and ask for reservations.

Of course, APTi is a non-profit organization and any donation you make is tax deductible. If you would like to make a contribution – and we would be grateful if you could – simply click here

Of course, in the long run, we have bigger problems facing us. The Executive Committee -- even before this hotel issue came up -- had put together three committees to help us re-imagine APTi for the future. There are a number of ways we can economize and change the organization to ensure a long, healthy future.

We will be offering two town hall sessions at the conference to discuss our future. If you are not coming to Salt Lake City, be assured we will also engage you in the conversation as we move forward.

In this fractured world we live in, Type can be a great connector. Let's try to save the organization that represents Type. Please let us know of your thoughts, ideas and concerns.


The Executive Committee,

Eileen Brown, Amy Acker, Maryanne DiMarzo and Doug Woodworth