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This organization has so much going for it. It is the only place where you will find such a tremendous concentration of expertise on psychological type in one place. 

To that end, we have great plans for 2018 including a monthly series of luminary discussions featuring the top names in our field -- including Linda Berens, Dario Nardi, Susan Nash, Bob McAlpine and John Beebe -- to name just a few! We also have an webinar series focused on HR that will offer  insights into matters such as dealing with millennials in the workplace, as well as team building and learning about handling type differences in meetings.

APTi is changing, but the one thing that remains constant is that we  are the independent voice of psychological type. As ever, we are committed to advancing the responsible, constructive, and ethical use of personality type through education, training, research, networking, and community.

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In this fractured world we live in, Type can be a great connector. Let's try to give back to the organization that represents type. 

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 The Executive Committee,

Eileen Brown, Amy Acker, Maryanne DiMarzo and Doug Woodworth