Lead, Connect, Grow

APTi is on the move! We are excited about our future--and seek to build that future by focusing on three major concepts: Lead, Connect, Grow.  

What do we mean by this?

APTi is blessed to have many of the towering figures in the world of type as members and supporters of our association.  These incredible individuals have helped shape type and its use across the world.  These leaders of type enrich our association's experiences at every level.

APTi is building a sense of community for all those interested in type--as well as a forum for people to connect. We seek and are stronger through diversity of thoughts, perspectives and understandings.

APTi seeks to grow type expertise in the right way through collaboration, sharing, training and professional development.  APTi provides a wide variety of resources, training and events to help those interested in type grow!

Stay tuned as we continue to develop our bright future!