Exploring 3 Parent Dilemmas and Ways to Address Them

with Elizabeth Murphy, Ed.D.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

(3 p.m. PDT, 5 p.m. CDT, 6 p.m. EDT)


Living with children and guiding them to discover their potential is a series of challenges for the best and the brightest of parents. Although there are no exact answers that always meet the need there are some suggestions that might help in the moment. We will explore three typical dilemmas parents encounter and discuss, as a group, potential ways to resolve them. 

Dilemma #1
How to encourage autonomy in the child while maintaining cultural consistency

Dilemma #2
Developing “growth” within the child when there “isn’t enough time.”

Dilemma # 3
Respecting me as the parent while respecting my child’s preferences

Elizabeth Murphy, Ed. D.  is a psychologist who has worked with type concepts since the early 1980s. Her research focuses on verifying with video support the development of normal personality differences according to the theory of psychological type. She works extensively with families and teams of people to improve communication and resolve relationship needs. Elizabeth’s experience includes conducting training throughout the United States as well as Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, and Malaysia. She is an internationally recognized authority in type concepts.

Elizabeth has taught children from preschool through the university level and worked as a licensed school psychologist. She is also the author of The Developing Child. Her dissertation won the Isabel Briggs Myers research award and she received the Gordon Lawrence award for contributions to Type in education. Carlow College honored her with their Alumnae Award. Currently, she works as an independent consultant to schools, organizations, and families.

Elizabeth completed a three-year course in dream interpretation through the Assissi Institute and is completing additional studies with the Jung Institute in Chicago.

Learn more at Elizabeth's website www.elizabethmurphymmtic.com

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