APTi Ethical Standards for All Users of Psychological Type

5. When sharing type information, distinguish between research and anecdotal experience. Avoid unverified speculation; stick to the actual data. When you use stories to bring psychological type to life, clearly describe them as anecdotes or observations that illustrate certain aspects of type-related behavior.

We all use our own and others’ personal experiences to learn about and draw conclusions about psychological type. We also speculate about connections between type patterns and various behaviors. Just keep in mind that these observations and interpretations are based on limited data and may not reflect the general case. There is a large and growing body of researched and validated type information. (The Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library at CAPT has an extensive collection available to anyone at https://www.capt.org/MILO/) Ethical users of psychological type learn about and stay up to date on what is factually known – and add their own rich examples when they are sure of their applicability.

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